A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving
                                                                        -- Lao Tzu
                               - also - 

          When you don't succeed at first, try a bigger thermonuclear bomb
                                                                       -- ancient chinese proverb

about saju

- vanity corner - i am a traveler at heart and most of my plans involve finding ways and means to engage in prolonged travel. To this end I have picked up programming as a way to fund my travels. More ambitiously I have now co-founded a startup in an attempt to get where i want to be in a hurry

ofcourse I also want a house by the beach on a polynesian island - no seriously !

blinkenlight stuff

mod_auth_remote - a remote authentication/single signon module for apache.
The latest beta for apache 2.2 is available here. This version supports credential caching using cookies to decrease load on the backend. A version with experimental support for SSL backends ("https://") is available here. Support for older versions of apache is available here.
misc stuff
Kapi, a fast java disassembler for Win32 platforms can be downloaded here.
AS3 port of openssl's AES cipher implementation + PKCS5 padding support can be downloaded here
ARP packet spoofing example for Linux is available here.
Misc code/samples/blinken stuff is available here.